We don’t mind saying it—the people of the Suburbs Alliance are awesome. We pride ourselves on our talented staff and dedicated board of directors, both of which are home to experts from a variety of fields as well as elected officials.

Our collective experience in policy, planning, government and academia provides a deep pool of resources and knowledge from which to draw as we work to improve the region. Peruse our dynamic cast of characters, or find an expert.


Anchoring a Neighborhood

The Suburbs Alliance is kicking off Green Anchors, an ambitious project that aims to transform residential neighborhoods across our region, one house and one person at a time.

Infrastructure investment: safer bridges or wider highways?

One of every nine bridges in Michigan is structurally deficient. Meanwhile, SEMCOG’s 2040 plan intends to use a large portion of its $40 billion budget to widen I-94 and I-75.

Energy Efficiency & Bond Ratings

Can investing in energy efficiency help your bond rating? An interview with Tony Lehmann, Finance Director for the City of Huntington Woods.




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